Nintendo Announces New Bakugan Switch Game for Some Reason

The masters of disappointing overexcited fans are back with a baffling surprise!

After a drought of new game announcements and information, Nintendo has finally broken their silence. Today, July 2, 2020, a new game for the Nintendo Switch developed by WayForward, the makers of the Shantae series, was announced via a Nintendo Treehouse Livestream!

Introducing… Bakugan: Champions Vestroia. Oh.

Striking while the iron is frozen solid.

As you no doubt already know, Bakugan is a strategy (?) game where players use small spherical toys (the Bakugan themselves) that pop open to transform into tiny characters. I think you use them to battle each other and cards are possibly involved. Maybe there’s points? No one knows. Like Mousetrap or Operation, no child has ever actually played the full game, instead opting to play with the toy once, get bored, and put it away forever.

The Bakugan toys spawned an anime series that no one watched in 2007 and a few video games no one played from 2009 to 2011. The anime series has since been rebooted several times over the years, so evidently someone has to be watching these things.

Personally I can’t wait for the inevitable Smash Bros x Bakugan Mii Costume

The trailer showcases players building their team of Bakugan, (Bakugans? Bakugen?) battling online or solo, and that’s all Bakugan is so that’s it. Why this game didn’t receive a full 40-minute-long deep dive Nintendo Direct is anyone’s guess.

With this announcement, the Nintendo holiday lineup is on a roll (like Bakugan!) and we can’t wait to see more games like this soon. Maybe a Beyblade game by Next Level Games, or KerPlunk by MercurySteam.

Players can pop their balls in Bakugan: Champions Vestroia on November 3, 2020, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Releases ARMS Music Pack DLC for Smash Bros, comes with Character as Bonus





Truer sounds have never been sung. Without a doubt, the best part about ARMS, the 2017 motion-based fighting game for Nintendo Switch were the many variants of the game’s theme.

Now, fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can experience the triumphant tunes of ARMS right inside Smash. For $5.99 US or $7.55 CA, players get 18 tracks from ARMS. These tracks can be used on the Spring Stadium stage, custom stages, or in the game’s audio only mode. As an added bonus, players who bought the 5.99 ARMS Music Pack also get the added bonus of a playable fighter, Min Min.

The 18 tracks of the ARMS Music Pack are a must buy for any fan of good music, and the bonus fighter isn’t a bad extra incentive!

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry, we like Min Min. And we like ARMS! This post is just calling attention to how damn good that music is.

Dodo Airlines to lay off fifty percent of staff amid pandemic-related flight cancellations

Dodo Airlines will temporarily lay off 50% of employees starting this week as the airline struggles with fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The island-based airlines told Nook News that the reorganization will primarily affect front line workers.

For weeks, Dodo Airline locations across multiple island villages have seen empty airports full of vacant seats, with at most one villager per island opting to use the company’s services.

“To say goodbye to such a large proportion of our employees is a painful decision but one we are required to take,” said pilot and sole remaining employee Wilbur in a press release sent to villagers’ mailboxes.

animal-crossing-dodo-airlines-airport.jpegDodo Airlines’ parent company, Nintendo, is expected to to patch Orville, the Senior Operations and Administrative Manager, out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a future update. Wilbur will temporarily assume responsibility for administrative work as well as piloting all aircrafts.

“I think I get the gist of it,” Wilbur told Nook News. “I ask where they want to go, I tell them if they have a Nook Miles ticket on file, then I frantically slam on the computer keyboard, right?”

Wilbur also added he’s optimistic that this period will expose some redundancies in the Dodo Airline processes. “I noticed Orville always asks our customers to connect to the internet *after* they arrive. Why don’t we just assume they already want to connect *before* they arrive? Seems like a waste of time for everyone…”

We were able to speak with a former employee who wished to remain anonymous. The unnamed individual told us that they’re unconvinced the pandemic was the only cause for the layoff. “I think Wilbur just wanted me gone and this was a convenient excuse.”


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The Amazing Art Of The ARMS Twitter Account

With the double whammy of news that ARMS is currently free for Nintendo Switch Online members and that it’s coming to Smash this June, the 2017 arena fighter is getting a nice little boost in popularity again. Now is as good a time as any to remind you about the amazing Japanese Twitter account for Arms that was pumping out incredible, original art from 2017 to 2019. Behold!


While the game itself never offered much in the way of story beyond tiny snippets of text in between matches of the story mode, the development team used Twitter as a means to flesh out its characters in sometimes cute, sometimes hilarious, always awesome ways.

We were told things about the characters, like that Ribbon Girl was a pop star for instance, but never really got to see them outside of the arena. That is, not unless you followed the Japanese Twitter account where we got to see the cast slice-of-life style.

Like the time we saw Twintelle working out her hair at the gym:


Or the time Mechanica popped out of her mech to read under a tree in Autumn.


Or whenMin Min brough gifts to a group of young fans?


…Or the boys playing Beyblades. You know, as one does. 

There was also the time ARMS predicted 2020 way back in 2017


With these art pieces it seems the team behind ARMS had attempted the same approach that Hero shooters like Overwatch employ; minimal in game story (focusing on pure gameplay) with supplemental online media that fleshes out more of the world at a lower cost to create. While it would have been rad to see the world of ARMS further expanded in game, we’re just stoked to see this stuff at all.

There was Also Seasonal Art Pieces!

Here’s Ribbon Girl on Christmas, for example!

Not cute enough for you? Here’s Master Mummy and Min Min all dressed up on Halloween:

ARMS Characters In Smash Bros

We even got a look at our boy Springman in Smash Bros. Ultimate, back when he was first announced as an assist trophy. Seeing this again helps you visualize what it’ll look like when Arms Characters come to Smash fully this June.

Until last week, the account was inactive since June 2019, which was the 2 year anniversary of ARMS. Since the Smash Bros announcement, however, the account is tweeting again. Here’s hoping that means new original art as we approach the Smash Bros. date and the game’s three year anniversary!

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Someone is Tagging Haunter Graffiti in Toronto | Pokemon Street Art

“Who’s that Graffiti artist?! We don’t know!” 

I was strolling through an alley near Dundas West Station yesterday when a familiar shape on the side of a wall caught my eye. “Is that…Haunter?” I asked, letting my inner Pokemaniac shine.

I paused and looked a bit closer, only to confirm that it was in fact a black silhouette of everyone’s second favourite ghost type Pokemon, Haunter.


The paint bleed dripping down the side is just about the coolest part of this already cool-as-heck piece of street art. Besides that, the fact is appears to be riffing on the “Who’s That Pokemon?” silhouettes from the show is hugely neat.

The purple below and to the left was unrelated (from what I could tell) but it’s a bit of a happy coincidence that it matches the Pokemon’s original colour palette.

Internet, I’m asking for a favour: help me find this artist! Do they have more Pokemon tags, or is Haunter their modus operandi?

Was it you, Japan exclusive Graffiti Pikachu?!

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Here’s How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Masters

The Legendary Sync Pair Giovanni & Mewtwo strike back in the hit mobile game Pokemon Masters for a limited time!

One of the most powerful Sync Pairs returns this week with Giovanni & Mewtwo in the Legendary Event: Lurking Shadow. This isn’t the first time they’ve shown up, but if you missed your chance to nab the pair last time or are new to the game, now’s your chance to add the infamous psychic Pokemon to your team.

Adding Giovanni & Mewtwo to your team

Unlike most Sync Pairs, Giovanni & Mewtwo aren’t available in the Sync Pair Scout and  can only be found by playing the Lurking Shadow Event. Lurking Shadow is available under the Events tab in Explore. By completing both single-player and co-op Lurking Shadow boss areas, you’ll gain Custom Vouchers for the Giovanni & Mewtwo Sync Pair. You’ll need 800 Custom Vouchers to get them, but once you reach that number, they’re totally free. No battle required!

However, getting 800 Custom Vouchers will require some farming. Strong dark and psychic type Sync Pairs are a necessity. While single-player areas are easier and faster, co-op areas will gain significantly more rewards including Custom Buff Blends and Training Machines (more on this later). We recommend sticking to whatever highest level co-op area you can handle for farming.

Houndoom’s Sync Move will evolve it into Mega Houndoom, a crucial addition to your team!

You’ll mostly require strong dark type Sync Pair Pokemon to help you complete these areas (and you’ll want to aim to complete all of them for their First Time Bonuses) as well as some psychic and electric types.

The two best suitable dark type Sync Pairs for the job are Karen & Houndoom and Grimsley & Liepard, both available now in the Spotlight Scout. Secondary to them, Nanu & Persian or Cheren & Stoutland can also be helpful. For psychic types, if you managed to get Professor Oak & Mew recently, now’s their time to shine. If not, Sync Pairs Caitlin & Reuniclus or Calem & Mewstic will also be a big help. For electric types, Sygna Suit Elesa & Rotom are also available in the Spotlight Scout, but the always reliable Hau & Raichu work as well.

Upgrading Giovanni & Mewtwo

Once you’ve finally obtained the Sync Pair, the grind isn’t over. The items required for teaching Giovanni & Mewtwo new moves and skills as well as unlocking their level cap are only available for a limited time during Lurking Shadow.

You’ll need hundreds of Custom Buff Blends and Training Machines to get these to their max before the time limit is up, and as mentioned the best way to go about this is grinding those co-op areas over and over. Having powerful dark type Sync Pairs is crucial to higher level areas, so make sure you focus on getting your team as strong as possible to make the grind faster. You’ll also get a x3 bonus for the first match of each co-op area you play everyday so make sure to come back daily.

Giovanni & Mewtwo’s Shadow Ball move is a great ghost type attack that’ll come in handy for later single-player areas.

As with every Legendary Event, a new series of Missions has been added to help the item grind. Completing these missions requires using the Giovanni & Mewtwo Sync Pair, as well as repeatedly completing areas and will reward you with both custom items as well as Gems. You’ll likely complete many of these along the way during your grind, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look and make sure you’re hitting those requirements.

With that done and your Giovanni & Mewtwo Sync Pair fully kitted out, there’s one last grind left. In the Shop tab Exchange Items, you can exchange thousands of Custom Vouchers and Super Custom Vouchers to further level up Giovanni & Mewtwo’s Sync Move, as well as obtain Custom Power-Ups to increase their stats and number of stars. Excess Vouchers and Training Machines can be exchanged for Elite Four Notes, generic Buff Blends, Level-Up Manuals, and Custom Buff Blends if you need more.

When does the Legendary Event Lurking Shadow end?

The Lurking Shadow event ends on March 16, 2020 at 12:59 a.m., so make sure you obtain and finish upgrading your Giovanni & Mewtwo Sync Pair before then! This now marks the second time the Legendary Sync Pair has made an appearance and in all likelihood they may return again in the future, perhaps with another reward adjustment.

Nevertheless, we have no idea if and when they’ll be back, so use this chance now to capture and upgrade the powerful Sync Pair before they’re gone again!