Nintendo Releases ARMS Music Pack DLC for Smash Bros, comes with Character as Bonus





Truer sounds have never been sung. Without a doubt, the best part about ARMS, the 2017 motion-based fighting game for Nintendo Switch were the many variants of the game’s theme.

Now, fans of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can experience the triumphant tunes of ARMS right inside Smash. For $5.99 US or $7.55 CA, players get 18 tracks from ARMS. These tracks can be used on the Spring Stadium stage, custom stages, or in the game’s audio only mode. As an added bonus, players who bought the 5.99 ARMS Music Pack also get the added bonus of a playable fighter, Min Min.

The 18 tracks of the ARMS Music Pack are a must buy for any fan of good music, and the bonus fighter isn’t a bad extra incentive!

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry, we like Min Min. And we like ARMS! This post is just calling attention to how damn good that music is.

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