The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – When a 10/10 Isn’t Perfection


Breath of the Wild isn’t a perfect game, but it’s still a 10/10 experience.

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Will We Ever Get HD Wii Games?

In a generation dominated by remakes and remasters, Nintendo remains oddly abstained. Will we, and more importantly, can we, ever see Wii games remastered?

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Can NX Make Good on the Wii U?

Last week Nintendo dropped a bombshell of information on us, the announcement of the NX’s release date in March 2017 and the delay of the new Zelda game to release on both the Wii U and its successor. While exciting, this news still has Nintendo fans wondering, was the Wii U worth it?

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5 Times Musicians Nerded Out to Zelda

Musicians and gamers have a lot more in common than you might think. Besides a mutual disdain for the rugged jock-types growing up, the two are all about living and breathing their respective art form. And on very special occasions, musicians will indulge their inner gamer and produce wonderful nods to their favourite games that both parties are sure to love.

Here are five times musicians nerded out to one of the biggest and most musically focused video game franchises of all time, The Legend of Zelda.

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5 of the Most Absurd Video Game Ads Ever Made

zelda rap

Let’s face it. With the advent of video reviews and live streaming gameplay online, it’s been years since any publisher has truly relied on a TV advertisement campaign to sell their game. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that for decades there was no better way to sell your game to kids than with a totally rad 30 second TV commercial or magazine ad. Fortunately for punks like us who get a kick out of critiquing things that were never meant to be taken seriously, a handful of those game ads are so mind blowingly strange that we had no choice but to compile a list to laugh and scoff at until we all feel a wee bit better about ourselves.

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Liebster Award Nomination: Q & A With Nic and Corey


Thanks to a nomination by fellow blogger over at Viewer Discretion is Advised, Button Masher T.O. has received a Liebster award! The Liebster award gives bloggers the opportunity to spread the word about other sites they love, and for some crazy reason, Viewer Discretion is Advised liked us enough to send a nomination our way. Usually, the person who nominates a blog also attaches a list of questions they’d like to hear answered by the nominee. But since Button Masher is a joint effort, we thought it best to have a couple of us take a swing at answering some hard hitting questions.

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