Nintendo Gets Mobile Right With Fire Emblem Heroes


So Fire Emblem is now on mobile, eh? Nintendo’s fresh mobile career has been middling so far – highs like Super Mario Run and the zeitgeist Pokemon Go have been balanced out by more forgettable efforts like their social app Miitomo. The announcement of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile installments were, in my opinion, genius; long term games with short term objectives seem fit for mobile gaming and have the opportunity for mass appeal. 

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Meet the Creator of Digimon Adventure Tri: Abridged

Digimon Tri

Digimon Adventure Tri: Abridged is quickly becoming one of the most well received abridged series on the internet, and series creator and voice actor Logan Laidlaw AKA The Blazing Azure Crow is certainly to thank. Corey recently had the chance to speak with Logan about Digimon Tri, the abridging process, voice acting and more, all of which you can listen to in podcast form below.

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