Video Games

Video Games

Beat Saber – This Lightsaber Rhythm Game is a VR Dream

The Good Game of the Year 2017 Awards

Did EA Just Kill Our New Hope for a Star Wars Action-Adventure Game?

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Dear GEEKPR0N: Thank You and Goodbye

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7 More of the Scariest Things in Non-Horror Games

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5 Directions Metal Gear Could Have Taken (Instead of Zombie Survival)

5 Potential Settings for Bioshock 4

Top 10 Villains We Want in Batman: The Telltale Series (That Aren’t the Joker)

Top 5 Video Game Badasses

Kinda Funny Partners With Rooster Teeth for Live Show, Let’s Play, and More

The Best 1st Party Controllers in Gaming History

Nic’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

GG Awards 2015: Reader’s Choice Award Winners

Where are all the Snowboard Games?

Famous Faces Recreated in Fallout 4

Assassin’s Creed: Flirting with Greatness

The 7 Scariest Things in Non-Horror Video Games

Rejoice! Character Selection Coming to Arkham Knight Challenge Maps

Video Game Archaeology is Totally a Thing

Destiny – Gjallarhorn’s For Everyone!

Batman: Arkham Knight’s Director is a Playable Hero

How Batgirl: A Matter of Family Corrects the Sexist Mistakes of The Killing Joke

Versus: Did The Arkham Knight’s Identity Pay Off or Underwhelm?

Yooka-Laylee: A Rare Breed of Game

Should NetherRealm Studios Make A New Mortal Kombat vs. DC Game?

Backwards Compatibility: Common Misconceptions & Overreactions

Life is Strange: Immersion, Emotion, and Empathy in Video Games

Damion’s 5 Favourite Video Game Badasses

5 of the Most Absurd Video Game Ads Ever Made

GTA 5 Story DLC: What I’d Like To See

The 10 Most Absurd Video Game Accessories Ever Made

Hatred Rated Adults Only, Forbidden On Consoles?

5 HD Remakes We Need to See This Generation

Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty Leave IGN to Launch Kinda Funny Games

Damion’s Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2015

Nic’s  2014 Game of the Year: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

2014 – Year of the Unfinished Game

Damion’s 2014 Game of the Year: inFamous Second Son


Is Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch a Port or a Sequel?

Can Pokemon Ever Be Mysterious Again?

Top 5 Super Mario Odyssey DLC Worlds We Want to Explore

5 Nintendo Labo Games We Absolutely Need to Play

3 Reasons Why Nintendo Needs to Stop Making 3DS Games

Nintendo Introduces New 2DS XL

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – When a 10/10 Isn’t Perfection

Top 7 Most Obvious Wii U Games We Should Have Gotten

Nintendo Gets Mobile Right with Fire Emblem Heroes

Did Nintendo Lose Their Vision for the Switch with the Joy-Cons?

Will We Ever Get HD Wii Games?

Metroid Celebrates 30 Years With an Awesome Fan Remake

Take Awesome Trainer Battle Photos in Pokemon Go

What It’s Like Not to Have Pokemon Go

N64 Released 20 Years Ago: We Feel Old

How Would a Female Link Change The Legend of Zelda?

10 People Who Are Actually Pokemon

Can NX Make Good on Wii U?

What We Think of Miitomo (So Far)

Danny DeVito Responds to Detective Pikachu Petition

The Problem With New Fire Emblem

Top 5 Craziest NX Rumours

Should Nintendo Games Have Achievements?

5 Times Musicians Nerded Out to Zelda

20th Anniversary Pokemon-Themed 2DS is a Nostalgic Treat

5 More Smash Bros DLC Characters Even Crazier Than Cloud

The Top 5 DLC Characters We Want to See in Super Smash Bros.

Could Shovel Knight be Joining Smash Bros?

Versus: Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask

Top 5 Nintendo Games We Want to See on Mobile

4 Alternate Names for The New 3DS

Top 10 3D Zelda Bosses (That Aren’t Ganon)

Zelda Netflix Series in the Works?

Versus: Two Perspectives on the Future of Wii U

The Amiibo Anomaly: Why Nintendo’s Mini Figures Make Perfect Sense

The Five Zelda Characters You’ll Meet in Your Twenties


Top 5 Must-Play PlayStation 4 Games

You’ll Spend About 10 Percent of Uncharted Standing Still

Kojima Cuts Ties With Konami, Partners With PlayStation for New Game

Dialogue Options? In My Uncharted?

PS4 & Vita Prices Drops Not Happening… Yet

Rest in Peace Silent Hills: Remembering P. T.

Guillermo del Toro Says Silent Hills is Cancelled

PlayStation 4 Accessories See Second Price Increase in Canada

Is the PS Vita Dead?

Alleged Images of PlayStation 4 Slim Leaked?

PS2 On PS4

18.5 Million PS4’s Sold Worldwide

Two New PlayStation Now Subscriptions Unveiled

Sony to Accommodate PS Plus Users Affected by PSN Shutdown

Batman: Arkham Knight to be PS4 Exclusive in Japan


Can Xbox One Still Win The Console War?

Xbox One Now Even More Similar to PS4


Batman: Arkham VR May Be Longer Than You Expect

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

Destiny Expansion 2 – House of Wolves

God of War III: Remastered 

Mortal Kombat X

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


The Order 1886

WWE 2K15: Moves Pack DLC

Level Select

Batman Arkham Asylum – Scarecrow’s Nightmare

Kingdom Hearts 2 – Battle of the 1000 Heartless

Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape


Crowdfunding Your Indie Game Game: An Interview with Loud on Planet X Creator Alex Jansen 

For FIVARS Founder Founder Keram Malicki-Sánchez, VR is the Future of Storytelling


Is Metal Gear Survive as Bad as the Internet Says It Is?

The Evil Within 2 – More Survival, Less Horror

Metroid: Samus Returns is the Best Game It Can Be

What Remains of Edith Finch is a Bittersweet Look at Life and Death

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 is the One We’ve Been Waiting For

Batman: The Telltale Series Hits its Stride with Episode 3

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 is a Mediocre Game Saved by an Awesome Story

Layers of Fear: Inheritance


Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1

Layers of Fear


Batman: Arkham Knight

Behind the Evil – The Evil Within: The Assignment

WWE 2K 15

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


Retro Reviews

Sonic Adventure



The Outlast 2 Demo Scares Us in More Ways than One

Super Mario Maker

Majora’s Mask 3D & New 3DS XL

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview


Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

Destiny Expansion 2 – House of Wolves

Mortal Kombat X


WWE 2K15: Moves Pack DLC



5 Things We Want Fixed in The Evil Within 2

Everything Leaked and Rumored for E3 2017


A Year of New Beginnings


The Hope for More Diversity and Female Protagonists in Video Games

Jason Derulo Wants You to Want Just Dance 2016

Rise of Online Multiplayer Games


Shenmue 3 Breaks Records with Crowdfunding

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Why Unravel is an Early Contender for my Game of Show

Fallout 4’s New Way of Storytelling is Better Than Ever

Final Fantasy VII Coming to PS4

Now That Backwards Compatibility is Here, Can We Cut Back on the HD Re-Releases?

What We Want From E3 2015

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