Can NX Make Good on the Wii U?

Last week Nintendo dropped a bombshell of information on us, the announcement of the NX’s release date in March 2017 and the delay of the new Zelda game to release on both the Wii U and its successor. While exciting, this news still has Nintendo fans wondering, was the Wii U worth it?

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A Defense for the Shin Godzilla Redesign

Last week Toho dropped the trailer for this summer’s Godzilla Resurgence, showcasing a brand new and drastically different Godzilla redesign. Since then, the internet has been abuzz with discussion and arguments on the new look, and hopefully I can shed some light on this departure from his traditional appearance.

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Nic’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016




2015 was an awesome year for games, and it seems that with it the latest console generation has finally found its footing. Luckily for us, last year looks to be just the beginning for exciting games both familiar and novel, and 2016 will be packed with them all year long. Though I’m really looking forward to every release, here are just some of the ones that appeal to me above the all the others.

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