3 Reasons Why Nintendo Needs to Stop Making 3DS Games

3-reasons-why-nintendo-needs-to-stop-making-3ds-games-credit-nintendo-1510476.jpgIt’s time to stop.

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Should Nintendo Games Have Achievements?

Achievements and trophies have changed the way I play games. They’ve pushed me to see through games I might not have completed otherwise, explore mechanics and locations in more detail, and allowed me to test myself with harder challenges. So why doesn’t Nintendo use them yet?

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E3 Opinion: What are Nintendo’s Plans With Federation Force and Metroid?

Through this E3’s Nintendo Direct, a new Metroid game was finally unveiled. Five years have passed since the last 3D iteration in the series with Metroid: Other M, and a whopping eleven years before the latest foray into 2D with Metroid: Zero Mission. Fans have been clamoring for anything Metroid related, and with Retro dropping hints for this E3, excitement was unsurprisingly high. What we got however, was Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I can’t help but wonder, what is Nintendo thinking?

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