What Anime Does BTS Watch?

The members of BTS aren’t just lovers of music: time and time again they’ve brought up in interviews the other pop culture genres that they spend their time with, such as anime and video games. But what specific anime series are the members of BTS obsessed with? These are the the favorite anime shows of BTS! Header Image by @hanavbara Continue reading “What Anime Does BTS Watch?”

Top 5 “Wow” Moments in Digimon Adventure Tri.

By: Denise Salazar

On November 21st, the first installment of the six-feature films for Digimon Adventure Tri. was released as four episodes streaming worldwide. Let’s talk about the top 5 noteworthy moments that “wowed” both the 90’s fans and new audiences! To make things easier for us North American kids, I’ll be referring to the characters by the English dub versions of their names. (Gomenosai.)

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Versus: Was Dragon Ball Better Than Dragon Ball Z?

With Dragon Ball Xenoverse just days away from release and Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” set to premiere later this year, we couldn’t help but marvel over the fact the franchise has held onto so many fans’ hearts as long as it has. We here at Button Masher all share an undying affinity for Toriyama’s golden goose, but can’t agree on which of Goku’s journeys was best: Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z. Here, we settle it the only way we know how – with a good ol’ fashioned versus.

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