Batman Arkham VR May Be Longer Than You Expect

Next month, Sony launches their PlayStation VR alongside one of the most anticipated PSVR software titles, Batman Arkham VR. Rocksteady’s latest is said to be a short VR experience that puts players under the cowl of the Dark Knight…but how short are they talking?

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Top 10 Weirdest Batsuits

Originally intending to do a list on some of the¬†coolest¬†looking batsuits worn throughout the years, my research lead me to a very startling conclusion. Some of these things are just nuts. And so I’ve decided to chronicle some of the silliest and just straight up confusing suits worn by Batman, or any who’ve attempted to take his name over the years.

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Corey’s Top 5 Anything Batman – From Games to Movies to Comics

Happy Batman Day, everyone!

Since the instructions on how one celebrates this new holiday are rather vague – and I’m not about to go suit up and fight injustice on the streets of Toronto – it seemed to me that the best way to respect the Caped Crusader’s legacy was with a list of my favourite Batman stories across any medium: comics, animation, video games, you name it!

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