2ToneDisco -“Glimmer”: Chiptune Never Sounded So Good

The internet’s favourite duo and most adorable cartoons 2ToneDisco partnered up with Dreamcasts to create “Glimmer,” a chiptune / EDM track for the ages.

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Why You Need to Listen to Chiptune Music

By: Ezra Shanto

Chiptune is a genre of music rooted in video games. Essentially, chiptune (sometimes called 8bit music, or chip music) is the use of 8 or 16 bit sounds, different digital instruments like trumpets or simple drums and other midis used together to create a song. Think the original Mario theme or Castlevania – they sound like instruments, only kind of compressed. To its very core the genre screams the NES – SNES era of gaming, and has seen a recent revival of sorts with modern games like the wonderful Shovel Knight featuring an “old-school” inspired chiptune soundtrack.

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Toronto: Random AKA Mega Ran Live at Silver Snail (Free Show)

American underground rapper and chiptune artist Mega Ran will be performing a free show alongside Wordburglar and More or Les this Sunday, January 11th at Silver Snail Comics.

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