Top 5 Super Mario Odyssey DLC Worlds We Want to Explore


Mario may have traveled the world, but he missed a few stops along the way.

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Layers of Fear: Inheritance Doesn’t Paint a Pretty Picture

The atmospheric horror game Layers of Fear returns to haunt us with a supplementary downloadable content titled Inheritance. But does this continuation of the frightening game maintain the scares, or paint itself into a corner?

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Destiny – Gjallarhorn’s For Everyone!


This past weekend the Agent of the Nine arrived at the tower with one of the most sought out weapons in Destiny. Xur broke the internet, by selling Gjallarhorn for 17 Strange Coins.This monster of a rocket launcher is probably one of the most devastating weapons in FPS history and is known for dealing incredibly large amounts of damage with it’s wolf pack rounds perk.

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Behind the Evil – The Evil Within: The Assignment Review

Despite any problems The Evil Within had, I still have a fondness for the game and immediately jumped at the chance to play the new DLC. The Assignment is an extension that offers an experience both novel and familiar, allowing players to once again traverse the cerebral, gothic world inside STEM.

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