Podcast, Engage! – Episode 9: Nic’s Solo Piece Volume II Featuring E3

Once again Nic has been left alone to battle the harshness of podcasting solo. Only this time he has all of E3 to go up against. Will he survive through our longest podcast yet? Will you?

Nic’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016




2015 was an awesome year for games, and it seems that with it the latest console generation has finally found its footing. Luckily for us, last year looks to be just the beginning for exciting games both familiar and novel, and 2016 will be packed with them all year long. Though I’m really looking forward to every release, here are just some of the ones that appeal to me above the all the others.

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E3 2015: Horizon Zero Dawn

Twitter exploded after the unveiling of the new IP Guerrilla Games has been working on for four years. Guerrilla is mostly known for their work with all the Killzone games to date, which also just happens to be  my personal favorite shooter franchise so you can bet that I’ll be paying attention and looking forward to their brand new project Horizon Zero Dawn, exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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