My Hero Academia Heroes Rising MINDBLOWING Reveal: Why THAT Character Matters

WARNING: Spoilers for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Below. 

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising very quietly brings up a question that could possibly change everything we know about My Hero Academia. In the film, a character who up until now was only seen once and thought to have been a completely unimportant character is shown to be working with Tomura Shigaraki and The League Of Villains.

I am speaking about the doctor who diagnosed a young Izuku Midoriya as quirkless.

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In the film, this very same doctor is seen experimenting on the main villain, Nine, on behalf of the League Of Villains. The experiments include the taking and giving of super powers, or quirks as they’re known as in the MHA universe.

In the first episode of the anime, this mysterious doctor told a young Deku and his mom that Midoriya had no powers. Was this a lie? Does Deku secretly have his own quirk besides One For All? What if Deku had a quirk that the Doctor stole during Deku’s examination? And if either of these are true…why? Could this Doctor be the true mastermind above Tomura and above All For One?!

This rocks everything we know about My Hero Academia to its core. Not only narratively but thematically: the notion that everyone can be a hero even if they weren’t born great is what attracts and inspires so many fans. The idea that a potential retcon is coming, that Deku secretly had a quirk of his own all along, could upset some fans who liked that the main hero is someone who isn’t special.

On the other hand, if the series wanted to maintain the notion that “even those without amazing powers can be special” sentiment, they could try to say that actually, it’s not quite true that 20% of people are born quirkless. Instead, they could say that common knowledge was wrong, and that 20% of people have quirks that aren’t easily observable. For example, you could have a quirk that let you breathe in space, but you’d never discover or be able to confirm it unless you were thrown into the vacuum of space.

Maybe the show’s core message could evolve slightly to be “everyone has the potential to be amazing, even if their talent isn’t super obvious.” After all, that seems to be message the show wanted to communicate with Mirio Togata; he’s the walking embodiment of turning a strange skill into something great.

Without spoiling anything, manga readers who are ahead of the show are also currently spinning their own theories asking the same questions about the Doctor that us anime only fans who just watched Heroes Rising are. This Doctor has a role to play in the world of My Hero Academia that we are eager to discover.

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