Metroid Celebrates 30 Years With an Awesome Fan Remake

With the original Metroid debuting on the NES August 6, 1986, the series now has a 30-year long history. But while Nintendo remains unsure where to proceed with the storied franchise, one team of passionate Metroid enthusiasts took it upon himself to give the fanbase what it yearned for – atmospheric side-scrolling action!

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A & C Games NES 30th Anniversary Special

The NES hit North American store shelves for the very first time 30 years ago this week. To celebrate, the staff at A & C Games in Toronto, Canada share their favourite NES memories.

What are your favourite memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System?

Retro Review: Castlevania

Retro Reviews is a new series I’ll be trying out as I take advantage of my enormous backlog of video games from over the years. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some old games from the past, taking into consideration the context of their release, but mostly seeing if they hold up and stand the test of time. And what better way to kick off this series than with a juggernaut title of the NES, the first Castlevania from 1986.

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