Will We Ever Get HD Wii Games?


In a generation dominated by remakes and remasters, Nintendo remains oddly abstained. Will we, and more importantly, can we, ever see Wii games remastered?

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E3 2016: A Year of New Beginnings

With this year’s E3 coming to a close, we’ve now seen some huge announcements on exciting and promising games to come. Perhaps most surprising though, is the unveiling of games from familiar series with drastic new twists that could reinvigorate fans all over again.

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Can NX Make Good on the Wii U?

Last week Nintendo dropped a bombshell of information on us, the announcement of the NX’s release date in March 2017 and the delay of the new Zelda game to release on both the Wii U and its successor. While exciting, this news still has Nintendo fans wondering, was the Wii U worth it?

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