Batman Arkham VR May Be Longer Than You Expect

Next month, Sony launches their PlayStation VR alongside one of the most anticipated PSVR software titles, Batman Arkham VR. Rocksteady’s latest is said to be a short VR experience that puts players under the cowl of the Dark Knight…but how short are they talking?

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Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Touted as the finale of the Arkham Trilogy, for Batman: Arkham Knight Rocksteady tried to truly craft the quintessential perfect Batman experience. With a larger city to explore, more gadgets and techniques, a higher stakes story, and the playable Batmobile, Arkham Knight is the closest players will ever feel to really being the Batman. Unfortunately, there are certain additions that hinder rather than expand the on the gameplay, keeping Batman: Arkham Knight from being a perfect game.

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Versus: Did The Arkham Knight’s Identity Pay Off or Underwhelm?

Warning: As you could probably imagine from this article’s title, we’re delving deep into spoiler territory for Rocksteady’s latest, Batman: Arkham Knight. If you don’t want the titular villain’s true identity revealed then please, avert your eyes!

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