First Look at Shadow The Hedgehog In Sonic Movie Sequel Art Style

We now know what Shadow The Hedgehog will look like in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie sequel, thanks to a character artist’s amazing work.

Last week, character artist Eman Pelletier took to Twitter to share a take on Shadow The Hedgehog in the 2020 movie style. “I wanted to try my hand at what Shadow might look like in the Sonic Movie Style,” the artist wrote. Feast your eyes on the full piece below:


The piece aims to connect itself with the established movie art style, even using a riff on the first movie’s logo for the “Shadow The Hedgehog” font. Shadow looks edgier than ever, ready to take on or team up with Sonic in a movie sequel.

We previously wrote about why we don’t think Shadow will be in the Sonic Movie sequel, but seeing Pelletier’s art has us thinking twice. The dark Hedgehog fits perfectly in the realistic art style of the movie and would be a great foil for Ben Schwartz’s happy go lucky Sonic.


Do yourself a favour and follow Eman Pelletier on Twitter to hopefully see more Sonic concept art get posted!

What do you think? Will Shadow be in the Sonic The Movie 2?

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