The Last of Us Part II Review Part II (All Spoilers)

No more messing around, we’re getting down and dirty with our unfiltered thoughts on The Last of Us Part II. We’re gonna tear this thing apart, it’s gonna be absolutely shredded when we’re done with it. Let’s spoil this bad boy.

Should Nintendo Games Have Achievements?

Achievements and trophies have changed the way I play games. They’ve pushed me to see through games I might not have completed otherwise, explore mechanics and locations in more detail, and allowed me to test myself with harder challenges. So why doesn’t Nintendo use them yet?

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Dialogue Options? In My Uncharted?

Last Saturday was host to Sony’s second annual PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco, where among other announcements, fans were treated to a new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer. But to the surprise of many, this was no typical showcase of the game, with the revelation that Drake’s newest and possibly last foray on the PS4 will actually have cutscene dialogue options. But is this the right move for Uncharted?

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Can Xbox One Still Win The Console War?

As the fall lingers on and the last stretch of the year is upon us, the closing seasons bring with them a sense of reflection as we look back on the experiences we’ve had over the year. And what better way to reminisce over 2015 than a good old fashion console war debate!

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E3 Opinion: The Hope for More Diversity and Female Protagonists

After the debacle last year surrounding the lack of female representation in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and the series as a whole, it seems things may have finally started to turn around in the industry. Thankfully, this year’s E3 sported an exciting number of new cool female characters, and we may finally get some diversity in our gaming protagonists.

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E3 2015: Shenmue 3 Breaks Records With its Kickstarter Funding

It was no mystery that Shenmue 3 would reach its funding with the announcement of its Kickstarter campaign during Sony’s press conference, The crowd reaction was noticeably excited, truly showing the passion and desire for a new Shenmue to continue where the story left off. It seems however, this Kickstarter reached even higher expectations than expected, and may affect future similar endeavors.

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