Amazing Digimon Movie Fan Art Sees DigiDestined Girl Gang

My favorite part of the North American Digimon Movie was the middle section where the Adventure 01 kids reunited with their Digimon to stop Diaboromon’s internet takeover. But while it was always cool seeing Tai, Matt, T.K. and Izzy in action, a full half of the DigiDestined team sat this movie out! One Reddit user wanted to fix that.

Over on /r/digimon, reddit user sindorman shared an incredible piece of fan art that sees the female chosen children logging onto the internet to join in on the fight. The artist managed to perfectly capture Mamoru Hosoda’s take on the early internet, even giving the girls’ Digimons that glossy internet filter we saw on Agumon and the others 20 years ago.


“As a kid i always wanted Mimi, Sora and Kari to come help fight Diaboromon,” sindorman told fellow Digimon fans on Reddit.  “But since that never happened, i figured i’d have to draw it myself.”

As a kid i always wanted Mimi, Sora and Kari to come help fight Diaboromon, but since that never happened, i figured i’d have to draw it myself 😌 from digimon

Just imagine: TK and Kari’s angel Digimon pairing up! Mimi telecommuting in from Hawaii! Tai and Sora hashing out their beef from the movie over…2000s FaceTime!

Of course, Digimon redditors loved the art, but couldn’t help but point out one person missing. Poor Joe! If we imagine Mimi, Kari, and Sora joining Tai, Matt, Izzy, and T.K. then that means Joe was the only one of the Adventure 01 DigiDestined not in attendance.  Poor Joe can never catch a break.

It’s a shame the “Our War Game” movie had to be so short, because we’d have loved to see all these DigiDestinedDynamics play out on screen in the battle against Diaboromon. If only Hosoda had a second chance to tell the story in Our War Game…oh wait.

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