E3 Opinion: Ryu Joins Smash – Why Nintendo is Winning at DLC

This past weekend news slipped that along with veterans Roy and Lucas, Street Fighter icon Ryu is joining the roster of playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS as a downloadable fighter. This news, while exciting on its own, has implications for the way that Nintendo handles DLC that lead this writer to believe Nintendo is doing DLC better than anyone else right now.

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Hands-On: Splatoon Preview

Nintendo is often typecasted as a one-trick pony of sorts in the video game world, relying on a few savoury franchises to keep their ship afloat in a market otherwise full of new intellectual properties. The Big N’s continual use of gaming giants like the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series is by no means an injustice, however, as these franchises seem to always yield critical and commercial success. Still, the company has made a handful of efforts to introduce new faces to the pantheon of classic Nintendo characters; The Wonderful 101, for instance was one such attempt to ring in a new franchise, but the company hasn’t launched a truly enduring franchise since the GameCube days with games like Pikmin and Animal Crossing. Could it be that with the launch of their colourful, third-person shooter, Splatoon, Nintendo can prove to gamers that their best ideas lie not in the past, but in the future?

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