5 Non-Horror Games to Play This Halloween Season


So you want to get in that spooky Halloween mood this October, but you’re also kind of a baby who’s scared of real frights huh?

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Our Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time – CineMasher


Precisely on time as always, we’ve got the pinnacle of our Spooktober podcasts with the greatest horror movies we’ve ever seen!

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The 7 Scariest Things in Non-Horror Games

Sometimes, it’s the games that aren’t meant to be scary that frighten us the most. Maybe it’s their unsuspecting nature catching us off guard, or that just a brief moment of horror in an otherwise happy experience is enough to unsettle even the toughest of tough guys (and gals). Whatever the root of it, if these games aren’t keeping you up until all night playing, they’re keeping you up all night for an entirely different reason.

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