Dom Listens To Music: Allen Toussaint – The Bright Mississippi

If you don’t recognize the significance of the Blues on today’s music, you’re a few pieces short from the¬†puzzle. I admit, I was a stubborn teenager. I didn’t get the Blues (which is not a good thing as a guitar player). These guys manage to pick up the same chords, same structures, and same notes, and recycle it. And recycle it. I felt like I’d heard it all before. That’s… not exactly wrong from a classical perspective, but it omits a key element: the human feel. Blues is about more than the notes on the paper. The structure of the Blues opens the door to freedom of improvisation and expression. Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel. You won’t find anything more raw, natural, and transparent than the New Orleans sound. Enter Allen Toussaint, a man who’s career helped shaped the sound of New Orleans. And this one hits deep.

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