You’ll Spend About 10 Percent of Uncharted 4 Standing Still

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a beautiful game. It’s so stunning in fact, that it’s hard not to pause a moment and soak in the painstakingly rendered vistas Naughty Dog designed for Nate and his friends to gallivant around. But what would be considered the normal amount of time a player might spend enjoying their surroundings? Well if you’re anything like the players we asked, you’ll spend just under 10 percent of your Uncharted 4 experience standing still.

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Dialogue Options? In My Uncharted?

Last Saturday was host to Sony’s second annual PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco, where among other announcements, fans were treated to a new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer. But to the surprise of many, this was no typical showcase of the game, with the revelation that Drake’s newest and possibly last foray on the PS4 will actually have cutscene dialogue options. But is this the right move for Uncharted?

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5 HD Remakes We Need To See This Generation

With games like the Wind Waker, The Last Of Us, and Halo: Master Chief Collection finding successful “HD,” “Remastered,” or “Definitive,” homes on the new generation of consoles, it’s clearer than ever that developers are happy to pump out dolled up versions of their older gems. Whether you see these as pleasant revisits to some of your favourite worlds or simply wastes of your time, this re-release trend isn’t going away any time soon. With that said, let’s talk about five HD remakes that we absolutely need to see during this generation of gaming.

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