Did Nintendo Lose their Vision for the Switch with the Joy-Cons?


The Switch was supposed to be a fresh start for Nintendo, but their reveal conference showed otherwise.

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Will We Ever Get HD Wii Games?

In a generation dominated by remakes and remasters, Nintendo remains oddly abstained. Will we, and more importantly, can we, ever see Wii games remastered?

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Top 10 3D Zelda Bosses (That Aren’t Ganon)


With The Legend of Zelda on the mind after the new Netflix rumours, I couldn’t help reminiscing on the franchise and came to the conclusion of this simple Top 10 for my favourite series. Well, not entirely simple, pretty specific rules for this list I know, but I decided it was a bit unfair to compare the top down Zelda bosses with the ones from the 3D installments, so maybe that will be a topic for another time. Not to mention, between a score of truly climactic moments with Ganondorf throughout the series, I didn’t want to bog down this list with the same character. So without further ado, these are the 10 3D bosses not named Ganondorf have that stuck with me the most throughout my years of playing The Legend of Zelda.

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Versus: Two Perspectives on the Future of Wii U


The Wii U is an enigma, certainly unlike any Nintendo console to come before it. Upon its initial announcement and indeed to this day, many are still confused as to what exactly this system aims to be. Here, two editors and long-time Nintendo fans give their opposing views on the console and its foreseeable future in a good ol’ fashion versus!

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The Five Zelda Characters You’ll Meet in Your Twenties

You remember it like it was yesterday – sitting in front of your box tv, controller in hand, beginning your epic journey in The Legend of Zelda. Whether you were traversing the fields of Hyrule or sailing the Great Sea, your epic adventure took you through countless fantasy locations and introduced you to tons of oddball characters. What you didn’t realize back then, however, is that Nintendo wasn’t just creating a world of fantasy for you to explore – they were training you for the types of encounters you’d have in young adulthood. Here are the five Zelda characters you’ll meet in your twenties.

  Tingle AKA The Crazy Guy On The Subway


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