How Would a Female Link Change The Legend of Zelda?

Fans of The Legend of Zelda series are well aware that Link is the name of several green-hooded heroes throughout time that all share a reincarnated spirit. Unlike most iconic video game characters, Link is subject to change with each new incarnation, opening up a wealth of possibilities for who and what “Link” can be.

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5 Times Musicians Nerded Out to Zelda

Musicians and gamers have a lot more in common than you might think. Besides a mutual disdain for the rugged jock-types growing up, the two are all about living and breathing their respective art form. And on very special occasions, musicians will indulge their inner gamer and produce wonderful nods to their favourite games that both parties are sure to love.

Here are five times musicians nerded out to one of the biggest and most musically focused video game franchises of all time, The Legend of Zelda.

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